Venco Honey Licorice Made In Holland



Size: 166g
Venco is perhaps the most famous licorice brand in The Netherlands. The company was formed in Amsterdam in 1878 by Gerrit van Voorveld. His company was called Van Voorveld & Co. or, in a short version, Venco. Venco’s rise to fame came in 1891, when Holland suffered a large flu epidemic, which lead to massive sales of Venco’s cough drops. With a vast selection of different kinds of liquorice (sweet, salty, salmiak, soft or tough), Venco is sure to have a kind of licorice you will like! Ingredients: sugar, modified starch, glucose syrup, gelatin (contains sulphur dioxide), licorice extract, ammonium chloride, honey 0.3%, colourant, glazing agent, wheat flour
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