Necco The Original Candy Wafer an American Classic 2 oz Roll



Necco Wafer SelectionNecco Wafers are one of the oldest varieties of candy that we sell. First made in 1847, they were coined Hub Wafers and Union soldiers carried them in the Civil War. Early in the 20th Century, they came to be called Necco Wafers, after the company that made them (Necco stands for New England Confectionary Company, by the way). Remember that fun wax papery pack containing those sweet Necco candy wafers! Most people wanted the white or pink wafers. Me I liked the orange and brown ones and I wouldn’t feel I’d had my fill until my fingers were covered with that Necco white powder!  They bring back some great memories.
  • Each roll contains 2.02oz. of candy
  • Fat Free!
  • Made by Necco
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